iOS 10-style Today widgets

Hi -

So I was excited today to get the latest TestFlight release which mentioned adoption of iOS 10 Today widgets. However the feature that I expected to have been implemented has not been.

If you look at the Activity widget it hides your information behind an “Unlock to view data message”. When you unlock the phone the data appears.

Given that with iOS 10 just living the phone shows your widgets, and thus for Monzo your current balance and spending, I had assumed you would be adopting a similar behaviour in the Monzo widget.

Is this something you envisage?


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I think we only hide it if you are using Touch ID… Am I missing something?

OK, thanks to @tristan I now know that we’re not actually doing this (yet). Apologies for my previous message.

What you suggest @Trash is exactly what we want to do :slight_smile: I hope we can get it done :soon:

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