I have invested quite a bit of money this year into various companies…
My question is… can I offset the money I have invested against by PAYE tax when I fill in my self assessment? Or does it not work like that :confused:

All very confusing…


Bit confused by your question. You want to claim tax back for personal investments?

I’m not overly familiar with all the ins and outs of how PAYE works so I might just be missing your question but I don’t see how they are related.

You can get Entrepreneurs’ Relief if you’ve invested into certain types of companies that qualify.
You can also claim the usual tax relief and related benefits if you are a company managing your own fund, as you would with any company.

If you used Seedrs all of your tax certificates should be in your portfolio.

If the investments qualified for EIS relief, yes you can get significant tax relief on those investments. If not, no. You request a form from the company and send it off to HMRC.

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