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I’ve been using Moneyfarm after Nutmeg for my smaller savings pots, I prefer to do the investing myself. I might move my SIPP to them as I don’t trust myself with my own pension (yet!)

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I don’t think it works for their LISA product :pensive::pensive: which is a real shame - they still haven’t brought committed spending to LISA’s yet either.

Feel like they’ve forgotten about it tbh - although it still is a great experience as is.

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Does anyone have a freetrade invite? Signed up Yesterday and shared a bit but still got over 40k people ahead of me in the queue


DM sent.

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Does anyone use Nutmeg and the new cash pots. I’ve been trying to get an answer for a question now for the last 5 days. For whatever reason they keep pointing me to the FAQ and a particular article that doesn’t even reference my question.

I’m literally at wits end!


I’ve been looking for a new home for my investments and looked at the cash pots as a way to drip my current investments into the market.

I currently use Evestor, Moola and Wealthsimple but looking to bring everything together.

My current options are : Nutmeg
IG smart portfolios

All offer relatively low fees. Past performance broadly similar over a wider timeframe.


Have you thought about Freetrade? Still rolling out, but if you’re happy picking trackers yourself it’s probably the cheapest option.


I’m waiting on the android release but I tend to find that passive funds make more money than some of my choices! Easy to just invest and forget. I actively trade shares but I wouldn’t want to take that level of risk with my “future” pot.

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Just signed up to Freetrade too. Would anyone please be able to provide an invite to skip the queue?


PM me


HL definitely have the option to buy funds regularly in small amounts, I’m not sure if AJ Bell and Vanguard offer similar features. With HL it’s 0.45% plus the fund charges, so can be about 0.5% a year.


Cheers. I think the ongoing charges with HL are a bit higher than others. Vanguard have fairly low fees and I was looking at their Lifestrategy funds.


What do people think are the negatives of Freetrade?


They’re definitely more expensive than the “robo-advisers” which I think start from 0.75% plus fund charges, but they are higher that other platforms where you pick your own investments. Their apps/websites have definitely improved in the last few years and their customer service is generally good, they’ve definitely become less costly as the competition has increased.

The thing with the “robo-advisers” is that their investment decisions are yet to be tested in a downturn, you can always buy managed funds if you dont’ want to make investment decisions on whatever platform you pick.


What are the fees on freetrade? (if you know)

What do you use?

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Fee information here:


Yeah I saw that (but thank you)- but was more meaning how do those fees compare to the 0.75% a year of a roboadvisor?

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Oh OK - sorry not sure on the answer to that but hopefully someone can get you it :grin:


If you don’t have a Freetrade ISA, Freetrade can be used with zero platform fees.

If you are holding your money in an ISA, Freetrade charge a £36 flat platform fee. Flat platform fees are most beneficial to those with larger portfolios, although Freetrade’s flat fee is a lot lower than others. Nevertheless, for those just starting out, percentage-based platform fees can work out cheaper.

For example, a Roboadvisor with a 0.5% platform fee will be cheaper than Freetrade ISA if the portfolio size is less than £36/0.005 = £7,200.

Some platforms charge trading fees on top of platform fees which can complicate the cost comparison although I don’t think this applies to Roboadvisors?

The platform I am aware of with the lowest percentage-based platform fee and absence of trading fees is Vanguard Investor. They charge only 0.15%. This will be cheaper than Freetrade ISA for portfolios less than £36/0.0015 = £24,000.

As I mentioned earlier, I personally think Vanguard’s set and forget LifeStrategy Funds are just as easy to understand as Roboadvisors so I’m not sure why people go for Roboadvisors over Vanguard.

Note all platforms will have fund charges on top of platform fees. I think the typical ETF charge with Roboadvisors is probably around 0.2% which is similar to Vanguard Lifestragy. It may be possible to get lower cost ETFs at Freetrade. I believe there are some global tracker ETFs with fees of around 0.1%

If anyone does go for a percentage-based platform, another thing to consider is the transfer out fees as at some point it will become cheaper to transfer to a flat-fee platform. Lots of platforms do charge transfer out fees (Hargreaves Lansdown is a high-profile example). Vanguard don’t charge transfer out fees. I’m not sure what the situation is with Roboadvisors.


It depends how much you put in and trade, eg the £3 stocks and share ISA works out at 0.75% if you have £4,800 a year in (and don’t do any trades or just do free ones). Any more than that and it’s probably better value, any less and it’s worse value in pounds and pence. But then with Nutmeg etc you’re paying for them to do the investments.

I’m with HL and just have a few basic funds, my other half is with MoneyFarm on an old rate where her investments are currently free.

o99 has just put it better than I ever would :man_facepalming: