Interest in savings pots

I love how pots allow me to save for specific things and I love that I earn interest on investment pots. Would it possible to combine the two so that I can link multiple pots to one saving account and earn interest?


It’s been mentioned before and I think it’s a Monzo ambition to do that one day but there’s nothing more concrete than that planned as far as I know.


Definitely seems like a possibility in the future but nothing confirmed. For now, I think they’ll be prioritising relaunching the investment pots before adding new features to them.


I’d also love this as its a lovely little push to try and save more towards your individual goals.

I used to use Starling for this so that I could separate my overall “Holiday” savings into separate pots for each holiday with a nice little picture of the destination.

Starling give 0.5% interest for balances up to £2000 across your CA main balance and pots and then 0.25% on balances over £2000 i believe.

Now i just throw everything into my Marcus and keep the details of what for in an excel.

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