Insights into packaged accounts insurance products

With us having upcoming trips to 3 or 4 countries not covered by my nationwide free European travel insurance this year, I decided to have a look at the numerous offerings that come with packaged/premium accounts to see if any of them were actually value for money.
My findings were somewhat “interesting”

Nationwide - £13/month (£156/year) good insurance product, but I don’t need breakdown cover or phone insurance.

Co-Op - £15/month (£180/year) again with not needed breakdown and phone cover

Clydesdale - £13.50/month (£162/year) more breakdown and mobile cover

Halifax - £17/month (£204/year) yet more breakdown and phone cover, although does also have home emergency cover

HSBC Premier - min £75,000 annual salary :rofl:

Citibank - average monthly balance balance £150.000 :astonished:

(All of the above info courtesy of MSE website)

And now for the FinTechs…

Revolut - £14.99/month (£150/year) very high excesses and a lot of things not covered.

Curve - £14.99/month (£150/year) as above

N26 - £14.99/month, sounds good until you realise that unless you pay for all aspects of the trip with N26, the insurance is invalid.

Comparing these to stand alone insurance policies, I cannot see any of them offering any value for me personally.
The policy I eventually opted for was with Columbus Direct, £122 for 12 months worldwide multi trip insurance, covering both myself and my partner, with NO excess on any claim, 45 day trip duration, and free lounge access if any flight is delayed by more than 1 hour.

These are my own findings and opinions, and I know others may see value in the other benefits offered with packaged/premium accounts, but purely on the travel insurance front, they can easily be beaten hands down.

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