Include income in to budgets

E.g income = 2k costs = 1k.
I would currently budget for 1k costs and I would try to not exceed it. If I do exceed it, sometimes I add a bit more income from another bank account.

I understand that I could just change my budget each month manually but it would be nice if there was a way where you ask for 1k difference in revenue-cost. when you added more money in, it would adjust your budget so you always saved 1k.

Could be a pants idea. Who knows. It’s a suggestion.

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Doesn’t summary already do this by subtracting any committed spending?

Nope. Unless there’s a committed income in unaware of.
If my car breaks down unexpectedly, I don’t want to put that in committed spending.

Doesn’t the current structure deal with this? As in - known bills/DD’s/SO’s/etc.during a set period = committed spending.
Deduct committed spending from the income received in the same period = disposable ‘funds’.
So if your car breaks down - and I truly hope it doesn’t - the costs involved would have to be covered by said disposable ‘funds’ - so no need to factor income (again) into it?

If the disposable funds can’t cover the unexpected bill, then you’re into debt (credit card, loan) to pay for it…

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For me I would not want this automatically.

If I have a budget of £400, and then get someone paying me £100 I would want my budget to stay at £400 unless I specifically increased it - just because I got a payment I would not think I had more to spend, I could have got the payment for many reasons.

What I would like is the ability to mark an incoming payment as a ‘repayment’ - manually doing what split the bill does to account if I paid for someone else and they are paying me back.


I’m desperate for this feature! I pay the entire my rent but my housemates transfer me their portion. Because Monzo can’t see these transfers as committed income, my summary is useless!


Have there been any updates on this? Would be great to be able to categorise regular income that isn’t your salary so it gets factored into your monthly budget.