Improved Subscription Management

We’ve heard from customers that managing monthly or annual subscriptions can really catch you by surprise and take a big chunk of your budget. We’ve made some new improvements to make it easier than ever to track your subscriptions and maintain your budget with Monzo.

More and more businesses are switching to subscriptions and it can really add up if you don’t keep an eye on how much you’re spending each month. With thousands of subscription providers, it can be confusing to know if what you just purchased was a subscription and just how much you’re paying each month. Also, if you have an ACH transaction that acts as a subscription, like say your Rent, it was impossible to earmark those correctly within Monzo.

Our latest release comes packed with improvements to help you manage your subscriptions, including:

Improved automatic subscription detection: We’ve added 200 more subscription services to our automatic detection list that are specific to the US. Sure, we had some big players like Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Spotify. We’ve now extended it to automatically detect a much longer list of US-specific merchants, such as the New York Times, Xbox Game Pass, Twitch, Birchbox and so many more. If you sign up to a subscription, we’ll notify you that we’ve detected this as a subscription.

Mark ACH payments as subscriptions: You can now easily mark ACH payments as subscriptions, like rent, mortgage, or bills. Tap a transaction posted to your account via ACH. Tap ‘repeating subscription’ and we’ll then predict this for you moving forward within Scheduled Payments and help you visualize your recurring spending within Trends.

Cleaned up merchant names & logos: We’ve also cleaned up the merchant names and logos for a few dozen major chains so each transaction looks perfect. Previously, chains like Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Walmart, CVS, 7-11 might have not had a logo or a store number. That’s all been tidied up now.

@willkg, our Sr engineer, said “it is really great to turn our customer feedback into quick improvements. I was really pleased to see how many merchants we were able to auto-detect as subscription providers and help our customers get better control over ACH payments as a subscription.”

Mohamed, another engineer on the team, added “A lot of banks don’t focus on the user experience or are too focused elsewhere to pay attention to details like cleaning up messy merchant data. At Monzo, we delight in polishing those details to show you a cleaner experience and push ourselves to build the best app out there. These improvements really set the stage for features soon to come to Monzo to help customers manage their expenses with Monzo.”

These improvements were based on feedback we got from customers like you! Your feedback matters. Please continue to let us know how we can help you with your finances by dropping a comment here or giving the team direct feedback within the app.


Amazing work, looks really nice and that it picks up subscriptions really well.

BTW the screenshots (second one in) the copy says “Depending on the direct debit…” - they’re not a thing in the US are they? Does the app have the right set?

Good luck with the rollout :slight_smile:

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@JIMMWX you are spot on! This screenshot came from Will and he has a funky US | UK account. This text doesn’t show on Android and with the next release won’t show on iOS. :boom:


how does one get an funky US | UK account? :smirk:

Welcome :wave:

You can’t - my guess, but @lincoln can confirm, is that Will (who I guess works at Monzo) has a ‘special’ account that allows for testing of things in both regions.

:wave: Welcome!

At the moment, customers have to choose between a US or a UK account. You can’t have both opened at the same time. However, we’re currently working out how to enable you to keep your UK account as you open a US account here:

UK to US Account Opening

With this, you’ll be able to quickly start your US application and once opened, you’ll be able to toggle between regions in the app. More to come as we’re still working out the details on how this should work.

@JIMMWX is correct, Will’s account is a special employee account at the moment where he has a version where he can toggle between US and UK :wink:


Thank you for the quick response!

May I become an alpha/beta tester for it please? :smirk:

@lincoln Is there an ETA on having both accounts? Recently opened a Chase account and HATING their app! :crazy_face: