Improve cash deposit limits

Monzo, you will be the best fintech bank among the other players in the market if you can lift up the cash deposit limit. Starling allows up to £20k cash deposit at the post office and this gives them a plus point.

However with Monzo only £1000 every 6 months is just far too low. Please consider this.


What would you consider acceptable? £1000 a month?

I understand why there are limits in place at the moment, is the Starling £20k over the year too?

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It has got to be surely? Unless their target audience is drug dealers :rofl:


Ya never know!!

And on that very topic, I’m guessing one of the reasons Monzo limit is low is to reduce possibility of fraudulent money laundering… but for people who still work a cash based business… £1000 a month is perfectly feasible (my partners business is cash based for the most part (not to £1k but more than £1k over 6 months for sure).


Haha true! :laughing:

I agree with the money laundering thing you mentioned and if you’re a business then you need a business account where I’m sure the limits will be different.

Can you imagine going into the corner shop with £20k in cash and asking them to deposit it. I’m sure they wouldn’t want to be liable for keeping that amount of cash secure either :smile:

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I think another reason could be that it might be dangerous for a small shop offering PayPoint services to hold a large amount of cash.

Although, improving the limits to £1,000 per month shouldn’t affect that.


Well £1000 a month seems reasonable but over 6 months is just too low.

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Pretty sure as a merchant/retailer (which the post office would count as one?) Legally they cant handle more than £10000 in cash in one go anyway for money laundering reasons.

However i agree that it could be higher in general :grimacing::moneybag:

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£20k per day is the limit, it’s the Post Office limit.

Try sneaking in £7.3 million in cash :eyes:


As I think I’ve put elsewhere before these limits are quite restrictive.
I don’t get paid in cash but I do have a habit of withdrawing cash for a night out or when going to places that might not accept cards as readily or just as a budgeting measure.
I tend to get a bit more than I need and paying it back in would be hugely beneficial. I’m already close to my limit over the past couple of months and if I happen to get £400 cash over the next 5 months (not a silly amount I’m sure you’d agree) I’m not going to be able to put it all back in my bank account.

It feels like it could easily become inconvenient.

I struggle to imagine handling £1,000 in cash in a year, but then I don’t use cash at all if I can help it.

Still, it seems daft to have an arbitrary limit on cash deposits for those who do end up with significant amounts of cash.

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I must add the £20k per day limit at the post office are the main ones in towns where they have the decent security and regular armoured security people with the briefcases so they aren’t holding ridiculous amounts at any one time.

Your local post office in the village will be £1000 per day, so you can only put in £365,000 a year if you don’t want to venture into a main town.

Pretending it’s open every day of the year


The limit is ridiculous to be fair, my business deals with cash daily and having a limit on it is just inconvenient. I will most likely go to starling as they have better cash deposit limits.

Welcome to the community… I guess? :confused:


I’d suggest running a business through a personal account engages these sorts of risks. I assume an actual business account would be more accommodating. (I don’t know for sure though)