Improve Account security via in-app chat

(Brian Hunter) #42

Bloody hell, it was just a question about if the current method is secure enough. It’s a perfectly reasonable question to ask of your bank.

(Hugh) #43

In fairness, although I know the comment was intended this way, I think this is what Monzo University is designed to be for :slight_smile:

(Brian Hunter) #44

Does the Monzo app force the use of a pin code when it’s installed?

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #45

Not that I have seen no

(Harry) #46

In all seriousness a pass code to launch would be nice. Especially for Android users that don’t have biometrics




best post ever…not that anything will come of it


I propose a new law:

“As a community discussion grows longer, the probability of the ‘lack of PIN security on the app’ coming up approaches 1”

(Brian Hunter) #50

I wasn’t meaning on the app itself, but on your phone. I believe my bank app forces the use of a PIN for unlocking.

I use one, so it’s all one to me. Was just curious.


Ahhh, you mean the app requiring the phone to have some sort of PIN or biometric security.

My work phone has that through supervision, but no, the monzo app doesn’t require it.


Android phones do have password/PIN option which would be same as app-level security. No one can get past a proper phone level password/PIN easily and if they can get past that then App level security is just not going to stop them.


but that no use when you want someone to have access to your phone but not to your banking, then Starling, Monese etc all secure but Monzo is not


Do you use the widgets for those apps?


Use guest profiles on Android :thinking:

(Brian Hunter) #56

I can only assume that locking the app is something they plan to introduce, would be odd if there didn’t. Perhaps waiting until everyone is using the one app, rather than develop it for multiple apps, some of which have a short shelf life as of now.


You can already lock the app with touch id on iOS. It is thankfully optional for those of us with adequate security on our phones.

(Brian Hunter) #58

Lucky iOS users. One persons ‘adequate’ is another persons ‘pain in the arse’ though. It’s entirely subjective, and I can only imagine that being able to lock down a banking app would be welcome to a lot of people. Much like how Johnny locks down his Authy account, as he showed earlier in this thread.


pain in the arse that is. easier just to have protection on the app like every other financial institution in UK (as per apps in the Google Play Store 12/11/2017)

(Gareth) #60

We’re veering back to repeating this thread (security doesn’t feel secure)

Please point to me, outside of this forum, where Monzo has taught users about ‘security theatre’ or why PINs aren’t required. It’s fine not implementing security where they feel it’s justified, but the reason users question is because they have to trawl through 100s of forum posts. Which we know they won’t.

For all this talk about how phone security is the way to go, I wonder how many people have shared their phone lock code with someone else - friends, husbands/wives etc. thinking that it’s a safer thing to share than a bank PIN.

(Allie) #61

ONE friend knows my phone PIN, and I trust them with my life. With that, they can access… everything about me. If something happened to me, I want them to have that access.

Someone you trust with your phone should be on the same level as someone you’d trust if your life depended on them.