If you could only use one bank, who would you choose?

BARCLAYS and HSBC always comes first, but only can chose one, I will go for HSBC


Maybe I should have removed monzo to get some more varying results and opinions haha

Interesting to see HSBC so high.

I guess it does show how well rounded Monzo is though


Yep. Nothing else could be skewing those results :wink:


Chose NatWest (looks like I’m alone) due to how they manage PoA.

I can see PoA accounts in my own banking app as if they were my own accounts. When I call/visit branch, they show on their system as if they were mine so I don’t need to explain it’s a PoA account etc

Monzo PoA support is lacking :sob:

Quite a few people chose RBS which is essentially the same.

It’s a very difficult poll to get right. Do you clump banking groups together, so that there’s fewer options and clearer results? Or do you keep them separated? Where’s the threshold?

NW/RBS/Ulster are almost entirely the same bank but have some very minor differences (no DRS with Ulster and BNPL only with NatWest). On balance I’d have been inclined to merge them as one option.

But LBG banks I might have kept separate because they appear to be more differentiated across the board.

Speaking of which, Ulster is missing, and so is Triodos.


Polling is hard. I have the scars. :cry:


Pretty stupid if I didn’t pick Santander due to currently having a student account with an interest-free overdraft.

Their app is also getting better, plus, I don’t really care about the features it doesn’t have.

Their card is also pretty nice :laughing:

Starling clearly has a better app, but the savings accounts with Santander are also better for me, and I do occasionally get some pretty good freebies from Santander Boosts (£40 Amazon voucher and free Costa so far).

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I went with HSBC, who I have been with since my Griffin Savers days with the Midland Bank precursor in the 1980s, mainly because they have and still do provide me with services that Monzo cannot, namely my mortgage and contents insurance

Monzo is definitely the better experience, and they are my main bank by usage by a wide margin, but you did ask for the one choice and I could put up with the slightly creaky aspects of HSBC better than the drop off in features with the reverse