Ideas on Tax Free lump sum REINVEST?

A pension I have allows a ‘lump sum draw down tax free right now’ before retirement age (not the 25% over 55). From a “Deferred Annuity defined benefits pension scheme”.
I’m told that maximum 30% of this could be invested elsewhere (HMRC regulations).
As advice would it be worth considering a Retirement Pot’ ( not Monzo Pot :grinning:)… or ISA etc or a.n.other?. I’m drawing down as I need property remedials doing but would have some spare to go back in to planning towards Pension Age. Thoughts what sort of consideration and stuff I should read up on?

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I am VERY sceptical of it being tax free before retirement. The more & earlier you remove money from a pension scheme the less you have to live on later and there is alot of later if you haven’t yet reached 55. You may also forgo things like inflation adjustment payout on remaining money. I would get advice first (free from and ask the insurance company in writing what conditions are for remaining money and pension projections. That said invest anything in a tax free ISA wrapper wether it’s an IFISA like RateSetter for income &/or a Stocks & Shares ISA with a Vanguard Lifestrategy share either Accumulation or Income. It depends if you want income or growth or a bit of both and how much time you want to spend managing it and experience you have. The examples are the easier end and can be set up in a more or less ‘set & forget’ mode.