Idea: Share payment link (option to allow recipient to set the figure).

Dear Monzo Team,

I suggest enabling clients to set payment amounts when using the payment link feature for business accounts. This would simplify invoicing by allowing me to embed a link in my templates, and clients can input the payment amount themselves. This enhancement would streamline the process and add flexibility.

Thank you,

You need to edit your profile top right and remove your email from visibility.

Also, I’m curious what type of business you run that doesn’t involve you setting the price customers need to pay.

Thanks Carlo!

It’s not that I allow my clients to set the price it’s that each invoice is a separate amount and leaving the field editable would allow them to enter the invoice amount without me generating a new link for each invoice.


Ah I see, would that not make accounting potentially messy ie the customer putting in the wrong invoice number etc?

Though appreciate not all businesses may work in that form.