HSBC ‘Connected Money’

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More importantly, what do you think of this app? Are you a HSBC customer?

My legacy account is with RBS so I don’t have first hand knowledge of Connect Money’s utility but from the current 4.4/5 :star:️ rating on the iOS store it appears that for those who manage to get up & running with it they find it very useful.

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It’s early days. Doesn’t have all the banks. And there’s no way to remove accounts once you’ve added them. Support have confirmed this.


Did anyone read the privacy policy? I agreed to it before actually looking at it but now I’m wondering why I’ve given HSBC details of every financial transaction I make. It could be more valuable to them than credit scoring. They might say they won’t be increasing my credit card limit anytime because I spent too much in a casino or I buy too much takeaway.


That’s a good shout. Is their anything specific that you’ve seen in the privacy policy that’s alarmed you? I doubt they’d prejudice you based on this app without you knowing though as the credit score is still going to be king when it comes to down to it.


A basic account is also the only type of account people who are insolvent are allowed to have, so there’s a real need for some banks to provide this service.

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Has anyone downloaded and tried the app out yet?


I recently gave some thoughts on it in relation to some other account aggregators in a different thread


Word of warning for anyone considering trying HSBC Connected Money. The app does not yet have a function to remove accounts, which is a pretty ridiculous omission. Not sure yet if accounts can be removed via email/phone support.

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