Hows does Airtime rewards Track transactions?

I was wondering how does airtime rewards track transactions on my linked card ? Do they partner with Visa / Master ? if so What services of visa /master do they use , I was wondering if visa / master provide some APIs to do this ?

Pulls the info through Visa and Mastercard looking at this

Airtime has agreements in place with all of the UK’s major mobile network operators; the company’s technology has been integrated into global payment schemes such as Visa and MasterCard. In addition, Telefonica is a strategic partner and an early investor in Airtime Rewards and has also participated in this latest investment round. Airtime’s proposition benefits all parties by providing a simple and tangible way for customers to earn rewards for purchases, while enabling retailers and mobile phone operators to capitalise on increased customer spend and frequency of visit.

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@Sachaz Thank you for your reply. Yes I understand but do you know what services of Visa / Master do they use to get the transaction data ? If I have to integrate similar transaction tracking feature on my on app which I plan to develop.

Maybe ask Airtime Rewards. I’m sure they know. :+1:

Try reading Airtimes privacy policy for the program in full, it should say who your are giving permission to take the data from i.e. MasterCard or your bank or the retailer.

Your transaction data is controlled by the financial institution (at least with MasterCard), so you can’t go to MasterCard alone , but could be they are using a MasterCard api.

Reading through their legal, it seems they are pulling the data straight from MasterCard.

Which is interesting because the bank is the data controller and I’m not sure how MasterCard can share it with Airtime rewards.

They also (can) share transaction data with the phone companies, no wonder they are all onboard.