How to pass ID name of pot when moving funds via API

In the Monzo docs / pots section, it tells you to include access token, source account ID, amount and dedupe_id … but doesn’t tell you what to add so that money is moved to the correct pot, (yet magically, the results show the pot ID, style, balance etc !!)

So do you include the pot “id” in the PUT data? Do you include “name” Or how do you do it?

Hi @cristofayre

The documentation shows:

$ http --form PUT "$pot_id/deposit" \
    "Authorization: Bearer $access_token" \
    "source_account_id=$account_id" \
    "amount=$amount" \

notice the pot id in the URL and the account id in the put body. So the pot_id is the id of the pot receiving the money while the account ID is where it is sent from.

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Ahh, thanks for that input. I’d totally missed that “$pot_id” in the URL