How / if to diversify currencies?

Howdy. Moved to the UK three months ago from the US (via a brief stay in Germany). I have about $14,000 saved in a US bank account, and Monzo is my only UK bank account - I have about £4,500 saved up in a fund for buying a house (eventually) in the UK.

I’m very worried about Brexit, though. It’s looking more likely there won’t be a general election before we crash out with No Deal and I’m worried that the UK economy will… well, to be blunt… collapse like Detroit. I’d like to take my £4,500 in savings and convert it to Euros (preferred), or send it to my account in the US. What options do people use here for saving in non-Pound currencies?

Given that the effect of a no deal Brexit is largely priced into the pound/euro rate, why would you convert to euros at what is probably the low point?

In addition to what @DaveTMG said, I’m not sure that any profit might be largely swallowed up by fees and currency spread on £4,500. You’d be banking on a fairly large slide in £/€ (not that it’s out of the question!).

Another thing to consider is that the pound has been lower against the Euro. It was around €1.05 in 2009.

Why not just buy an ETF containing the biggest Euro Companies if you truly feel the EU will benefit more post Brexit?

Euro Stoxx or similar?

The price of No Deal is certainly NOT priced into the pound currently. The pound is currently priced against the dollar on the assumption that there’ll probably be a deal.

Very rough guesses would be along the lines of:

Remain = $1.50+ to the £
Deal = $1.30 to the £
No Deal = $1.10- to the £

It’d make more sense to hold your money in than € though if you're convinced there'll be No Deal, as € will likely also take a hit against considering that No Deal hurts the EU too (but to a much lesser extent than it hurts the UK).

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Starling might be ideal if you just want to save it - you can hold £ and € in one place but I don’t believe they offer interest.

Other than that, large international banks in the UK have a fairly decent offering of foreign currency accounts. HSBC and Barclays May be ones to look at.