How anyone at Monzo can test 👩‍🏫 ✅

This week’s blog is live :tada:

Everyone at Monzo gets involved in testing new features and versions of the app before we release them. @Sarah-Bee, one of our Quality Assurance testing team members, explains the different types of testing we do and how.

Sarah has also been kind enough to answer any questions that the Community might have on the back of their blog.


Great article @Sarah-Bee - really good to see that testing is shared amongst team members within the squad and that there are multiple levels.

Would be interested in your automated testing - do you folks use TDD/BDD as part of that?


Is it 1.5% now? :kissing:

Taken from the page above fyi :sweat_smile:

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No, 1.5% are “interested” is what it says :joy:


Didn’t notice the typo :joy:


Thank you! Quality is everyones responsibility.

We do a bit of both Test-Driven-Development and Behaviour-Driven-Development. We write our test plans based on Acceptance criteria before the implementation starts and then we host Squad Test Parties before we ship.

Depending on the feature we also write or re-write our automation tests along side shipping.


Cool, that all makes sense and thanks for the insight.

Clearly works, cos Monzo is the most stable banking app I have

Thats really great to hear!

I’m not sure I mentioned but there are 4 testers at Monzo, so we really have to shift the quality to be built in early.

Happy to share anything else you might want to know (and I am allowed to share).


I’m amazed you only have 4 testers, that doesn’t seem like enough to me?

You talk in the article a lot about the front end i.e. the apps but I don’t really see anything about the backend. Do you get involved in performance testing and disaster recovery type scenarios or anything like that?

I worked in testing for about 10/12 years in telecoms but always on the backend systems really, hence my questions :slight_smile:


Explains a lot, imo …

This is an interesting point. I guess this might not get answered, but how many squads does Monzo have for development? If it’s say 5-6 and the squads are responsible for testing themselves, using the 4 testers to coach and guide then I can see how this might work.

If monzo has 4 squads (iOS, Android, web, business systems?) then again that makes sense. If however there are +6 squads in the business yet only 4 testers then :exploding_head:

I get you can have automated tests that will run on commit, and that the branch will do the “heavy lifting” of testing so that the manual testers will be a check/fallback if something is flagged but that still seems low.

So, either Monzo hasn’t got enough testers, or it has enough but it might explain how things like trends took so long to roll out, cos they only have a few squads?


This sounds like fun, for some reason I imagine everyone wearing :pirate_flag: hat’s!

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Wearing hats for testing parties became a tradition in my last squad, though not necessarily pirate ones – all hats were welcome


This I love :slight_smile:

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