Household phone insurance on monzo premium

Please change this from just account holder to whole household. And change the excess for non iPhones to £50. This would bring you in line with Nationwide Flexplus which is already cheaper.

Why don’t you just get Nationwide Flex instead of making threads asking Monzo to add each thing to match it?

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I do have nationwide flexplus. But I would prefer to support monzo as I enjoy their tech/app/ethos more.

So I am giving constructive feedback in a feedback forum that people can discuss and vote on. I searched first and can’t see anything to vote on with the same idea/feedback.

What’s the issue?


Then I guess it’s up to you to decide if this is worth the extra couple of quid.

Monzo will have checked all the competitors and this is what they’ve decided. They aren’t going to add more things that eat into their profit just because people ask.

Are you going to ask them to drop the price too?

@simonhunter87 you are free and within your right to raise feedback and share your ideas and suggestions.

I agree with your suggestion as do many others. It is unlikely that Monzo will change course on their Premium package as it is intertwined with the metal card.

I too want to ditch Flexplus for Premium but the phone insurance is just lacking and it is the single reason why I didn’t jump. I don’t see any value or benefit whatsoever in having a metal card so the account just isn’t sufficient for me. But many people are desperate for a metal card so will no doubt stomach the insurances as is to have the card. For others the phone insurance will meet their needs.

There is a narrow group of customers who will have a benefit of having Premium v Flexplus. But that target group might be enough to bring in much needed revenues for Monzo.

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For most of us, there’s no issue, Simon - after all why wouldn’t you want to improve on any product if the evidence is there?

Some folk just do like to agitate…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


No issue. I just think people need to have a bit of common sense and it was the second topic he’d made about adding more to Premium to match Nationwide.