Higher interest rates for regular savings accounts?

Huh? HSBC/First Direct would have been losing money on the Regular Saver accounts. Why do you think no one else was offering such high rates?

Still, if your want to blame someone for this reduction in the savings rate, you should probably have a go at the regulators.

The fact the HSBC had to set up a separate ringfenced operation in the UK means they now have lots of excess deposits here and don’t need any more (previously they could have used that money globally)

Especially since HSBC are one of the few banks who lend out less than they take in deposits.

Perhaps Coventry Building Society could be a potential partner for a Regular Savings account offered through the savings marketplace. They have a 2.5% regular saver and seem amenable to the idea of offering products through savings marketplaces since they currently offer their easy access savings account through Hargreaves Lansdown’s savings marketplace.

Zeux 5% instant access saver

Not sure of the relevance of Zeux in this thread. It seems to be an unregulated crypto-based product with no FSCS protection. So not comparable to a bank-provided regular savings account.


I didn’t realise the OP asked for bank-based savings accounts only.

I think the OP is asking for a regular savings account in the Monzo app (the thread is in the Feedback & Ideas section). I can’t see Monzo (or any bank) providing or integrating an unregulated crypto product.