Help with first time investing

Vanguard do not charge exit fees.

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I don’t think Vanguard have ever charged an exit fee. They’re not that kind of business. Your FT article is referring to HL, AJ and friends, not Vanguard. You can buy ETFs from Vanguard directly.

I think it’s fair to say @bee original assertion is correct.

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My error: mixed up HL and Vanguard :exploding_head:

Edit: removed my posts so as not to confuse the guy asking for help.

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I live in France and consequently I do not have a Uk Bank account. Can i have an account with Mozo.

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Unfortunately you’d need a UK address where the card could be delivered as noted in the FAQ available at:

Vanguard also do not offer the ability to open a Lifetime ISA etc. They are very good to work with for standard investments, but purchasing Lifestrategy products through H&L or another platform is a good alternative when limited by provider/wrapper.

It depends what the OP is after I guess!