Having both US and UK account details even for users based in only one of the two would be nice

This is something I’ve thought about suddenly. I’ve been a situation recently where a friend in the UK had to pay me for something I sent them, and despite both of us having Monzo, this friend had to pay me into my Revolut account because I have no way of directly receiving UK payments or for said friend to send directly into my US account. And this made me realize- how is it that Revolut can give me a UK sort code and account number (as can TransferWise), but Monzo can’t? Is it just that it’s not a major priority, or are there hurdles that Monzo can’t overcome yet (that Revolut or TransferWise either had to put in a lot of effort to implement or are skirting around)?

So put simply, I’d like to see a way to, if not get a full Monzo UK account as a US user, a way to get a UK sort code and account number that UK users can pay me with and a means to pay them as well. And, I imagine, some UK users might want the reverse.

Branching off of this- were it to be implemented, would people prefer to see it done as separate details, separate currency balances as Revolut and TransferWise do? Or to have the “other” set of details route directly into your “home” account with auto-conversion? For example, one of my US bank accounts, with Service Credit Union, offers an IBAN and Girocard/VPay debit card that both credit and debit my US dollar balance directly with auto-conversion (interestingly, along with all this, despite being an American financial institution, their SWIFT code is German).

Makes sense, if only for a small sub section of users. When we become the 51st State of the Union it’ll be more likely. :wink:

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Yes, I would like it to be a second account linked to US account details, with easy conversion between the two if/when required.

Like how Starling do their Euro account for U.K. users, probably sharing a card but a different account number.

It would be nice to have a proper US account from Monzo for us U.K. users!

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