🇬🇹 Monzo in Guatemala


FYI, Monzo has worked fine at ATMs and for card payments throughout the country.
However, all the ATMs I used charged a 30Q (approx £3) fee per transaction :unamused:

(Hannah) #2


I’m currently in Antigua but none of the cash machines that I tried will let me withdraw cash with my monzo card. Do you know which banks would accept the card?



Hi Hannah, I used the yellow ‘2B’ ATMs without any trouble. Have you got magstripe enabled in the app?

(Olivia) #4

Hi Stewie, I am in Antigua now and am having the same problem as Hannah, and i have enabled magstripe. What do you mean by 2B ATMs?


Hi Olivia. Sorry I got that wrong the ATMs are actually called 5B and are bright yellow coloured. I remember seeing one in each of the main supermarkets in Antigua.