Goodbye Sky

This is why I don’t have traditional IPTV.

Sports only one with there own feeds and the US sport is 8-12 seconds behind.

Looking at legit fubo for next year though.


I just went onto the live chat because I realised that I wanted to get the Multiscreen + UHD (I didnt realise I didnt already have it only HD) and couldnt get the free Mini Box offer it was advertising.

I then ended up coming off the chat with a brand new UHD/4K Sky Q box, a free mini box, free UHD and Multiscreen for £5 for 18 months.

Bringing my total package to a grand total of £49/month for UHD/HD, Cinema, Entertainment and Multi screen + the 2 new boxes.


I’ve been a bit of a chicken and have caved in.

Based on your experience, I tried live chat and despite keeping the tab open for nearly two hours - no operator. So I called and got through to somebody and told them unequivocally that I wanted to cancel my entire Sky package.

The operator did the usual thing of looking through all the discounts and deals and managed to get it to £58. It’s a bit better than the £62 that was initially offered on Friday. They wanted to charge a £20 admin fee, but I ummed and ahhed until I was told it could be waived.

I was rather hoping to get away with £50, but I’ll take £58. I decided I’ll keep things like this until HBO Max launches in 2025 (so one more renewal after this one) and then cancel the lot, unless there is a compelling reason to do so).

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I never knew Sky had live chat :open_mouth:

Where is it on the website please?

If you go in the website it’s top right with a little speech bubble icon, sometimes it there sometimes it isn’t.

Sounds a bit like the Monzo ‘Chat to us’ button :wink:

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It does :wink:

When trying to get through to the operator by phone, going through the voice menu is absolute torture. Saying “operator” over and over almost did it - got through to somebody who never answered and the phone disconnected. Tried again and it disconnected after a “thank you and goodbye” automated message. At one point I was going to try “Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice” just to see what happens…


Thanks to this topic I’ve just called Sky and got a further £11 a month off my bill. Half price movies and free UHD for 18 months.

Didn’t find the live chat but I always prefer to talk to someone when negotiating on price :slight_smile:

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I just got the Sky Q Mini box today and set it up, and I remembered that the two boxes connect via WPS, I have no ideas what this means but to get to my point…

Why does the main sky box need to have the satellite cables if the Mini box doesn’t but gets exactly ALL the same channels over wifi?

Any tech geniuses know why or any sky reps on this forum :eyes:

I believe it streams absolutely everything from the main Sky Q box rather than directly from the internet.

The Mini box is getting the channels from the main box, is my understanding.


My guess is the main Sky box talks to the mini box by it’s own frequencies and transfers data that way.

The Sky Q main box (at least the 2TB version) has 12 individual tuners inside. The satellite cables transport the multi-channel satellite feed from the dish receiver to the internal decoders/tuners in the main Q box. Some tuners are available to stream whatever they are tuned to, to up to 3 (possibly 4?) Q Mini boxes. It’s not the Q boxes getting the feeds from the internet via WiFi, they get the feed from the main Q box via WiFi.

tl;dr - the main Q box receives multiple signals from the dish via cables and streams them out to Q minis using the domestic WiFi as the transport.


My husband has Now mainly for F1, he also watches the darts sometimes and occasionally other stuff. I’m always astounded as to just how bad a service they get away with providing.

It’s super expensive for what it is, considering he has to watch it at an exact time - that alone feels archaic at this point.

The smart TV app doesn’t have a schedule?! You can only see now and next?! Who OKed that?

We’ve also noticed that sometimes when the stream is loading, there’s a weird sort of dappled pattern over the black screen, that is then still visible (just) over the stream itself. We can only assume this is purposely there to make the quality look worse, in order to make their bad HD offering look better in comparison. To be clear, this is pure speculation from someone with no technical knowledge, could be wrong but…

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