Galaxy air buds?

Got some today and happy with them.
In the manual it says

When the battery has been fully discharged, it needs at least 10 minutes of charge before it will work.

Does that mean that once the battery is flat it requires a minimum of 10 mins charge to work ?

Yea, any less and they won’t have enough charge to work. :slight_smile:


What do YOU think it means? I’m not sure how many interpretations there could be.


To be honest Samsung could’ve worded it a little more clearly.

The way it’s written, it could be interpreted as “you must charge it for 10 minutes” (the one that makes most sense). But you could also interpret it as “it must have enough charge to function for 10 minutes” (which wouldn’t make much sense).

So I see why you might want to ask it if you were super anxious or just couldn’t be bothered to think about which interpretation makes sense in the context


You’ve just rephrased the manual back to us… It’s exactly what it says.


You really couldn’t in the context that it is written.

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You could, if you had no knowledge of the subject, or as I said, you couldn’t be bothered to interpret the text for yourself

Well, true! Why use the brain, the most powerful computer in existence, when you can spend a million times as long typing out the question for strangers on the internet to answer for you?! :man_shrugging:t2:

Or you could get on with your evening and not worry about the bits of the internet that cause you annoyance? :man_shrugging:



I think the majority of us would, but it’s quite difficult to ignore when there is almost one of these every day. If there was a blocking feature that would hide topics and not just comments, I, and many others, I’m sure, would use it gladly and go about our days

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And thereby sits the dilemma. In the absence of any other evidence, you can’t determine which of those two are true.

If it’s the latter - all the criticism applies.
If it’s the former…?

Thanks guys :+1:t4:

I thought it meant once the battery has charged you need to wait 10 minutes until you could use them

When the battery has been fully discharged, it needs at least 10 minutes of charge before it will work.

How did you come to that conclusion? It is not what it says.

It means you have 10 minutes to check a mysterious parcel, remove some stains from your clothes, buy a new phone, upgrade the new phone, buy a punch bag and call CEX for a trade-in value.



I think we’re done here.

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