Freetrade: Free Share Trading


Done and also going to be cheeky and ask

Zero commission investing Freetrade has arrived. Get early access with my link:

So android so 70,000 people ahead of me, how many get through a day or is it not fully realised on android?

Few thousand a week, but it is speeding up.

The queue number is the same regardless of your phone’s OS but the Android is not yet released. Once you get to 0, you can have access as long as you have a spare iPhone :slight_smile:

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Is there anytime frame for the realease of android?

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Freetrade CEO responded here :wink:


Bump me up. Please!!! :slight_smile: Zero commission investing Freetrade has arrived. Get early access with my link:

If you need a bump, a few referrals can help you :rocket: Or checkout Freetrade’s gift/request thread


I have been 1 in queue for a week

On iOS? You double checked the email you signed up with?


Android and just email I got when I signed up

Android app isn’t available yet, it will be early next year

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Yeah I know that but even to open an account

All that is built is the queue, the Android team know how much us Brits love a good queue.


Anyone interested in good-looking socks from a fancy sockbroker for Christmas? :socks: :grin:

Freetrade offers a limited edition (500 pairs), where all of the proceeds go to the local charity.


Anyone on iOS want instant access?



Oooooh, yes please! :gift:

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Just checking if I can submit the form multiple times or if I can only do it once with the list. DM me your email you used to sign up and you’ll be first when I send it in

If there’s another slot I’ll have one please :slightly_smiling_face:

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DM me your email please :grin:

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