Free-to-use Link ATMs across the UK at risk of being closed down - The Guardian

Really? Some people pay extra for cold coffee.


I’m glad that this thread got bumped. It’s a useful reminder as to how responsive Monzo is to customer requests. Two years ago people were asking for cash withdrawals at Post Offices.

Harsh. There’s no requirement that Monzo do what people want just because they want it and that’s true of any business out there.

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Am I the only one who heard this in the French voice from Spongebob?



Maybe a bit harsh in the wording. The point I was trying to make was that a lot of people on the forum of late seem to think that if enough people want something, then Monzo will implement it.

As you say, there’s no requirement on Monzo to do any such thing, I was pointing out that, often, they don’t. :+1: