Free-to-use Link ATMs across the UK at risk of being closed down - The Guardian

Well done!


Another good reason to live just about about across the road from a post office. If their ATM goes fee paying then I still have the counter.

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And supermarkets give cash back. I’ve been known to pay for my shopping with a credit card, keeping one item back to use a debit card and get my cash back.

It’s safer than standing outside next to an ATM with cash and card in my hand.

Card processing fees are becoming illegal online (ie. Ryanair won’t be able to add a surcharge because you paid with a Credit Card) - I wonder if the same will apply to POS down the line?

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Irrelevant really as like I have said on here before, they will just increase the cost to cover the loss

Here we go:

So they can’t charge punitive fees now - they have to be at cost and if they do roll them into the price of the product, then they will only make that product noncompetitive with other suppliers.

50p on a flight or 1p on all grocery items they will get it back one way or another…

RyanAir is selling grocery items now? :thinking:
Who knew?

Tesco online :upside_down_face:

Gotta love Just Eat



Waited 20 minutes for them to waive the fee for a coffee?? I hope after all that that the coffee wasn’t cold. Paying money for a cold coffee would be the ultimate insult!!

Nah. Waited 20minutes for the coffee as they’d taken my order but instantly forgot. :roll_eyes:

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I’ll believe this when I see it.

All that will happen is that the cost of the goods will go up by the cost of the card transaction!

You would be better sticking with instant in the future, there’s no fee!

I have standards :wink:


I have the same problem, hairdressers are a bit behind in time, every few weeks I have to withdraw cash just for him - I don’t remember taking cash out from an ATM for any other reason in past couple of years now. For me, ATMs are places to change PIN when I get a new card. I believe Monzo are going to bring PIN management in-app so one less trip to ATM :slight_smile:


Not sure if that’s possible - the PIN needs to be updated on the chip as well… unless they somehow manage to do it via NFC on Android (no luck on iOS as the NFC APIs are very restricted).

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I’ve heard of certain supermarkets not offering cashback so that you use the ATM in store, from which they make a profit. It will interesting to see how this pans out.

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Must’ve been a very small supermarket then. For the large ones I can’t see the smallish profits from the ATM outweighing the massive cash handling fees (it needs to be transported, counted, insured, etc - most of it can’t be automated either so this involves paying humans some $$$).


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