ForceTouch support

(Benjamin Whiting) #1

It would be great to have force touch support, either the ability to take you straight to top up or even better once a top up has been successful you could nominate it as a new force touch option so then the next top up could be force touch -> touch id and card is topped up in two touches.

(James Nicholson) #2

I like this idea a lot, I’d really like us to be taking advantage of “3D” (Force) Touch. @hugo fancy adding this to the design backlog?

(Hugo Cornejo) #3

It think that’s a great idea, we are also pending to add “Search” and “Freeze card” as home screen 3D touch actions.

I see this as a “Top up £XXX” action where the amount is the last top up you made, it shouldn’t require any design apart of the little monochrome icon you see while you tap. I would avoid any kind of configuration/nomination, it should be predictable and automatic.

Related, we’ll build this at some point… :heart_eyes:

(Rika Raybould) #4

Don’t forget that there’s more to Force Touch than home screen shortcuts. I use Peak and Pop all the time!

As for the top-up shortcut, that should probably go to the “How much do you want to top up today?” screen. There is a possibility to run afoul of Apple Pay rules if you’re using Force Touch home screen shortcuts to go directly to an Apple Pay transaction without that stage as the original post describes. Not to mention anybody wanting to top up a non-default amount or not use Apple Pay (oh, and Barclays account holders say hi) would then have to cancel out and go back.

(Benjamin Whiting) #5

Can I suggest that the last topUp is added as a new ForceTouch menu option, so you would have both, go straight to the same as last time or custom value. I think the fact that the menu can specify the amount should make it safe with Apple and it still needs the touch id to auth.

(Benjamin Whiting) #6

You can also add it only if Apple Pay is used as the payment method.

(Rika Raybould) #7

I think you might be optimising for one specific use case too much while breaking some user expectation and consistency with the platform in the name of saving some users a single tap.

I believe it would be better that everybody on a Force Touch capable device saves three taps through a large navigation route in the app (opening the app, tapping your card and then tapping top-up) than just those people using Apple Pay AND wanting to top up the last or default amount save four.

Having a shortcut that’s only available or useful to some people when you have such a limited number of them isn’t a great idea either.

Don’t forget that Apple Pay is not a full-screen thing, the app will still have to load to the top-up screen. The optimisations saved through Force Touch shortcuts reach a diminishing point here. You’ve already saved a lot of time and state transitions by getting everybody this far.

(Tristan Thomas) #8

As far as I know, the force touch actions can be customised per person so for someone who uses Apple Pay, that can be one of the options and for someone who doesn’t, a different option based on them and what they use :slight_smile: I’m sure @hugo or @Sam will share some designs nearer the time too!

(Rika Raybould) #9

Technically, yes. I would be careful doing it though as Force Touch shortcuts are already on shaky ground in terms of discoverability, consistency and occasionally usefulness.

My reading of Apple’s Force Touch shortcut guidelines is that it’s intended as more of a way to quickly jump directly from the home screen to a commonly used place in the application to perform a task (such as jumping to a compose screen, creating a new appointment/reminder or a new browser tab), not to perform an action in itself.

Creating additional needless options is not something I particularly agree with, especially when the existing top-up screen already provides all of the possible options. It’s much simpler in code, user facing complexity and potentially support to just jump everyone to there where they can make the second stage decision (“I’ve decided I need to top up, now by how much and using what method?”) based on their current needs and situation.

Maybe I’m just thinking too deeply about this considering the entire concept of topping up will eventually disappear.

(James Billingham) #10

Apple themselves heavily customizes force touch actions. Really, there is no need to be worried about the details on this. Only quite adept users will notice that the options are there anyway, so it doesn’t need to be perfect from the start at all.

(emily_s_clayton) #11

The peek/pop would be great to view previous transactions with a retailer (with a jump to the merchant page in your spending) or perhaps even getting into loyalty card point values too.

(emily_s_clayton) #12

Are there plans to have swipe to show the expense option available in the main screen of the app too?