Seen Starling on Twitter but nothing from :monzo: ?

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This is for monzo plus customers only now :joy:
On a serious note, maybe monzo searched and no flybmi customer paid via them?


It’s in the help section of the app



Ah, was thinking of something more proactive


This may be a silly question, but on what basis would Starling be refunding people? Are they don’t it out of their own pocket?

MasterCard chargeback I’d expect

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Ah, interesting. Strong message from Starling given that the chargeback process isn’t guaranteed to work, then. Hopefully it works out OK for them,

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Our policy on all “goods and services” chargebacks is to raise the chargeback and refund the customer if they win :+1: Chargebacks are a voluntary scheme so we don’t have to raise them (but of course we try to do so in as many cases as possible to help customers) and it isn’t a great customer experience giving the customer their money back and then having to come and collect it a couple of months down the line if their chargeback fails :disappointed:

I think we’ve not been proactive about this on social media as I don’t expect FlyBMI make up a huge proportion of the transactions we process and we wouldn’t be processing any of the actual chargebacks through to Mastercard until next week anyway. We’re low on COps over the weekend so it makes sense for us to reach out when we can actual deal with the inbound demand! :sweat_smile:

I expect we may reach out to everyone who used FlyBMI recently and check whether they are eligible but there hasn’t been a huge amount of discussion about it internally to be honest as it’s not “on fire” :slight_smile:


I’m intrigued as to why Monzo is expected to be making a press statement for this?

I suspect because in other similar situations they have. It doesn’t mean they are somehow obliged to, but there is a sort of precedent/expectation etc


Should be a reminder to always use a credit card for flight bookings, especially if over £100.

Be interesting to see how many claims are successful for these types of refunds, similarly from N26, where you are forced to use a debit card to pay, for the travel insurance to be valid.


To most people, the fact they didn’t say anything was likely not a surprise (more because they just wouldn’t have thought about it more than anything else).

But my first thought when I saw Starling post last night, was,

“Wow, Starling have got ahead of the game for the first time ever”, as they normally trail Monzo by a good number of hours for anything like this.

So as @coffeemadman said, for a very small minority of forum dwellers and social media hawks, Monzo has set the bar so high on communication like this, that any time they are perceived to have “missed a beat”, it’s ampliphied by their past success.

But, like I said, I’m sure the very few people who notice things like that, aren’t going to be too worried :grin: