Fentury Feedback

I did not see any topic about Fentury - https://www.fentury.com

I’m using it for more than 5 months and it works fine pulling the info from my bank - I got all my transactions categorized and the newly recognized automatically and also some nice features not provided by my main bank.

Sadly they don’t seem to integrate with Monzo :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

For 50 dollars a year?

I use it only for my main bank account which do not provide any of these features so for 1 bank it is free.

What’s the bank? Is fentury really more useful than just logging into the bank?
The benefit eg of Emma is that you can add loads of accounts, all for free

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From what I can see this service is multinational so it can serve someone with accounts in multiple countries :slight_smile:

yes, my main bank is not in UK :slight_smile:

Fentury works offline as well, but just for the one account I’ve found other services better.