Favourite P2P platforms?

With stocks potentially peaking, P2P is looking increasingly attractive. What are people’s favourite P2P platforms?
I love Lendinvest, and also use Mintos to access lending platforms in Spain and Georgia (which pays 17%!).


My favourite is Assetz Capital. It like that it offers a range of different account options (lending options) within its platform, including property secured lending, business lending, quick access account, and manual lending. It also used to have a green projects lending account. Unfortunately this is currently on hiatus but might return in the future.

Second favorite is Funding Circle. Have always been able to withdraw money very quickly when needed.

Also, neither of these platforms apply a fee for transferring or withdrawing money out of their IFISAs, something which can’t be said for all P2P platforms.

I have referrals to these and other P2P platforms in the referrals wiki in case anyone is interested in signing up to a platform and gaining some cashback. But do remember that P2P lending is a capital at risk investment!


I’ve used Funding Circle and agree liquidity is impressive. But I’ve heard stories of companies that have been closed down being offered loans by Funding Circle which is not great and suggests the alogorithm might need tweaking!