FATCA and accidental Americans

At sign up, if you are a US citizen you are required to provide a TIN :+1:

Therefore, we are not having to chase people up to supply it.


Beautiful. Lovely and concise. Thank you :slight_smile:

What if you’re not aware you’re a US citizen (still) or that you have a TIN? I imagine that’s precisely the problem that scuppered the sort of people that article is about?

With respect, my question has not been answered and I’d rather allow everyone to continue the conversation.

My question was originally:
Is Monzo doing anything to stand out amongst the other banks?
I later refined it to say:
I’m curious about Monzo’s stance in comparison to other banks.

Could you elaborate please as you certainly did not answer this?

I also made it clear that I’m interested in learning the following:
In this thread I’d like to discuss where on the spectrum Monzo are aligning themselves.
The follow-up [question] is a more precise self-positioning on the spectrum.

AFAIK, you have no way of telling whether an applicant is a US citizen or not so if they withhold that (intentionally or not) would you say you’re more to the collaborate side or more to the follow-the-law-to-the-letter-and-no-more side?

Would you prefer to cover these points here or would you like me to open a new thread? @HughWells

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I think this is starting to get into complicated legal territory :slight_smile:

If someone is unsure about their tax and/or citizenship status they would be advised to consult appropriate professionals.

I’ve closed the thread as your question has now been answered :+1: