Exclude from summary general rule

I often move money around different accounts but use Monzo as the central pivot. So if i send £500 to my legacy account, which is where my mortgage Is (the one DD and product I have left with them), then it shows as spend in summary. I can manually exclude from summary but it gets a bit tiresome.

What I would like to do is say “anything in the finances category is excluded from summary by default”.

My wealth is net-neutral when i move money from monzo to legacy. Another example is when i buy premium bonds - i dont want to count it as spending because my financial position is net neutral. i could move it back if I wanted. I guess the difference is that its a balance sheet change rather than a PNL change.

I know you can exclude the individual payment by clicking on it and selecting a ‘Exclude from Summary’, but it would be a good idea for a certain payment to always be excluded. I’m the same way when I buy Premium Bonds.

I just want to be able to exclude a standing order from my summary as it isn’t relevant until my rent goes out. It’s annoying because it always says I have £0 left to spend which isn’t true. Really need that extra layer of flexibility with the summary section.

An “Exclude from Summary” IFTTT action would solve these issues.

For example
IF in finance category THEN exclude from Summary.