Enable magnetic strip for longer periods

I understand the security concerns of having the magnetic strip on the Monzo card permanently enabled. However, recently I was in India which seems to basically have only magnetic stripe cash machines. I also had pretty inconsistent internet access. It was quite frustrating having to enable the mag stripe service every day (as this feature can only be turned on for a 24 hour period). It would be great if the amount of time to enable this could be adjusted in the app allowing the user to choose how long they want to enable this for - up to some reasonable limit e.g 7-14 days.


I think if you contact through in-app chat it can be enabled for longer periods. Perhaps a longer period could be enabled if required by the user (perhaps requiring further authentication as Iā€™m guessing the longer it is enabled the higher the fraud risk).


When i went to america live chat enabled it for 7 days for me. However i agree been able to do this in the app (Less work for live chat) would be good