Emma Feedback Thread / Q&A

(Edoardo Moreni) #775

We usually detect 90% of internal transfers (they already end up in excluded) and this month are working to bring that up to 99%. :slight_smile: In terms of multiple edits, we already have it, but for similar transactions.

We have some problems with standing orders and first direct at this point.


Well, it doesn’t detect transfers to external accounts, which are the majority of my excluded transfers.
I end up with loads of transactions in income and general that are just me moving my money in and out of accounts. Makes the balance and breakdown meaningless until I’ve excluded transactions, but that takes ages…


Yeah, I agree. But my mortgage (and offset savings) are with a minor building society that you’re unlikely to integrate with in the short (or medium) term. I’d much rather being able to set my outstanding mortgage and savings amounts to get an estimate of my total worth - transfers in/out of accounts not linked into Emma make it a bit messy atm :frowning:

(Edoardo Moreni) #778

What accounts are we missing for you?


Leeds Building Society
All of my partners accounts…
Coventry Building Society
My kids’ accounts…

Edit: my gold, the cash under my bed :slight_smile:

(Edoardo Moreni) #780

Ah! Love the gold one.

I think excel works at its best here or Money Dashboard.


Well, Excel does if I export all the transaction data for my accounts and categorise it correctly and put transactions in relevant groups…

(Edoardo Moreni) #782

We are adding exporting, custom categories, rename of transactions, splitting of transactions in different categories later next month, hopefully. :slight_smile:


Hey @edo1493,

Appreciate you don’t like manual input, but another +1 from me for a “manual category”.

Only because I appreciate there are so many small accounts you won’t have on your radar (or that are in the very long term plans), so to be able to manually input it would be great.

The one for me right now would be NS&I - But it could be used for a number of other smaller accounts.


Sounds great!
The current manual steps to change category in the app are pretty laborious though. Multiple selection mode would be a big improvement, I think


I think this would really make Emma much more useful

(Edoardo Moreni) #786

We already have multiple selection. :sweat_smile:

(Edoardo Moreni) #787


Here you’ve selected one transaction, then Emma has found all similar, which you can then select.

I want to select multiple unrelated transactions first, then change the category for all of them.


On a side note, I think this could also be the seed of an idea for Monzo.
It would be amazing if you could select a payee as a dummy account and enter a starting balance, which would then be updated with the relevant transactions. That would make Monzo much more of a financial control centre.
Surely pretty easy to implement too.

(Valeri) #790

Not sure if it was mentioned before, but are there any chances of integrating with Aqua card?

(Kolok) #791

I mentioned it before but no response, if they integrate aqua then I’ll start using Emma as then all my accounts will be supported.

Aqua is by newday and they have the same backend as all newdays other brands so I’d think once that’s sorted it’s going to help alot of people

NewDay Ltd provide credit and store cards for the following retail partners: Amazon, Thomson, Debenhams, House of Fraser, Laura Ashley, Topshop, Topman, Burton, Wallis, Miss Selfridge, Evans, Dorothy Perkins and Outfit.
NewDay Ltd’s consumer brands include the aqua, marbles and Opus branded range of credit cards.

(Andy) #792

+1 for Newday Amazon.

Also. I’d love the function to flag a transaction (I don’t recognise, awaiting a refund etc) and keep it seperate until I resolve the issue. Bill guard used to do this and it was the best function.


The EMMA test flight just dropped on iOS.

Testing it out now.


@edo1493 it’s a Gummy Bear :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::teddy_bear::bear: