Emma Feedback Thread / Q&A

(Allie) #219

They absolutely can. It’s a bit messy but it can be done. It revokes all API access including the first party app. Chat back and ask for it to be escalated to TechSpecs (Technical Specialists).

I do agree there should be something far more granular and user facing. I think it’s coming tho, :slight_smile:


It shouldn’t be coming - a user shouldn’t have to rely on a community forum or hope they stumble across the right CS rep in chat. This is amateurish.


Actually the more i think about it - none of this seems compliant anyway - how do I access this information from Monzo?

  1. The name of the TPP that requested the consent
  2. The status of the authorisation e.g. Active/Inactive
  3. The data that was requested
  4. When the TPP’s access to the data will expire
  5. The date the authorisation was granted
    The PSU should then have the option to revoke that authorisation.

This shouldn’t have been launched without a dashboard.


Have to agree. It took all day to get mine revoked as CS didn’t know. It was escalated to a technical specialist and I was told it was revoked. A little sceptical though as unlike @GalaxyMergirl I have not been kicked out of the Monzo app to reauth :frowning:


The problem is also the other way - So I go and revert the access in the third party app (in this case emma) - how do I know this has actually happened without having to contact customer services?

(Alex Sherwood) #224

Here’s what Monzo have said about revoking 3rd party app’s access -

if you have any more concerns about this process, could you please post them in either of those topics, as this is not something that Emma controls & it applies to all 3rd party access, not just Emma’s.

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Monzo access has just moved emma from my 4th page of finance apps to the first page!

good stuff!


I have a Virgin Money credit card, and that’s my only other active account (apart from savings) which I would love to have view of in Emma.

@edo1493 :+1:

oops wrong tag before :speak_no_evil: .


Yes - I have the Virgin Atlantic, which bizarrely is MBNA rather than Virgin Money. Already been chatting to @edo1493 about that!

(Edoardo Moreni) #229

We should have Starling, MBNA, Capital One and Ulster Bank coming next.

Barclaycard is currently under testing, full release on Wednesday. If you want to have to try it, just reach out.

(Kevyn) #230

I would love to have Nutmeg, Smile Bank (my login wouldn’t work with the Coop Bank login), Skipton Building Society, Yorkshire Bank and NS&I and my financial life with Emma will be complete.

@edo1493 is there an ETA on removing the overdraft available balance from RBS accounts in app? It looks like I have lots of spare money in my overview running balance.

(Peter Roberts) #231

Nutmeg, ratesetter, zopa, capital one and B are my desires

(Edoardo Moreni) #232

That’s a long list! Thanks for sharing.

Yes, we are doing it this week. The only thing you have to do on your side is to set the overdraft in Accounts, so then we can remove it from the available balance.

We are about to release a new update with an income category and a few changes in analytics.

(Peter Roberts) #233

He he, you’re already covering about half of my stuff mind you so great job so far!

(Kevyn) #234

Keeping you on your toes :grin:

My overdraft is already set in app, so I’ll just await the next update. Thanks!

(David Allardice) #235

I’d like my Amex charge card to appear in Emma as it gets most of my spending… it’s on the same login as my credit cards but only the credit cards show up in Emma.


Hi Edoardo! Can you get to real-time notifications In Emma?

(Dan) #237

Tesco and Virgin Money will complete my banks and make the app fully usable


The integrations are going well and once the Starling one has completed, Emma will be the only provider who can connect to all of my accounts!