Easy Jet/budget airlines

(Jonathan) #62

BA for me is a love-hate relationship

They were pretty difficult to deal with when they didn’t update my Avios/Tier points when I flew Qatar and Cathay Dragon (rebranded from Dragonair)

Now with the Amex Rewards card, I can throw my convert my points to many airlines (ideally which one gives me the best benefits)

(Aleksander) #63

Well, I had a horrible one. My flight was delayed by 3h which meant I missed my connection in Doha. I arrived at Singapore after the time my accommodation office was closing, the next day was a National Holiday and the office was closed all day. I did inform them of that at Doha. Qatar didn’t arrange alternative accommodation in Singapore and didn’t want me to stay in Doha for 2 nights either. They literally said that the fact I cannot collect my keys at Singapore at my destination is not their problem although the sole reason was because of their flight delay.

(Eve) #64

You should have flown Norwegian :relieved::joy:
Welcome to Singapore anyways!

(Ben Talbot) #65

+1 for ANZ

Ordering drinks to your seat using the IFE’s touchscreen that actually respond to touch is amazing

Plus it was in economy, too

(Jack) #66

Snap! It was great!

(Eve) #67

Norwegian has cancelled the Singapore-London route and I’m DEVASTATED. No more £150 direct flights :weary::broken_heart:



What’s the next best option? Nothing near £150?

(Eve) #69

Nothing close! I think you could possibly get Emirates flights for £340+ if you are lucky… or Qatar for £280+? And they have one transit. Direct flights with Singapore Airlines usually go for about £750 last I checked.

It was only around for about a year… I guess they weren’t making enough money on it. Still devastated and a little offended that the article has described Singapore as a odd choice for a country in Asia to link to :joy:

(Ashley) #70

They were trying to subsidise it by taking a lot of cargo, but in the winter they couldn’t carry enough to make it work - so they are instead launching Gatwick to Rio.


Ahh Pão de Açúcar, Corcovado, Ipanema, Copacabana, wonderful place. Just remember to take your security team!

(Eve) #72

I’ve never been to Rio, but if it’s going to be £150 too I might be tempted.

(Colin Robinson) #73

Had a quick look using Mo mondo :sunglasses: with target dates after Jan next year and this seems to be one of the cheapest.

‘Bored in Norwich’

(Eve) #74

Ooh I might look at that for future flights. That a return flight? Singapore Airlines is usually a lot more expensive (but nice air miles rewards and service :heart_eyes:) I’ve never flown with British Airways except for short flights (I think only Manchester to London :joy:, or to Spain). I tend to fly Emirates or Qatar since they have good prices and excellent service.
Ps I love mo mondo :sparkles:

(Colin Robinson) #75

Yes, it’s return, just forgot to get you a screenshot showing date & times.

(Eve) #76

That is a very nice price for a return. They’ll definitely be able to move in on the gap Norwegian has left then. Thanks for the heads up :heartbeat:

(Colin Robinson) #77

Just a bit wary that I’m looking so far in advance and I don’t know what you’re travel plans are but at least it’s another option for you :white_check_mark:

(Eve) #78

Probably popping back over to rainy Manchester near Christmas so going to grab those Norwegian tickets while they’re still around. Wonder if there’s any chance of a Monzo social then :eyes: seeing as I’ve missed yesterday’s!

(Ashley) #79

EasyJet have also just announced connections with Scoot who operate out of Berlin and Athens, with easyJet offering connections from the UK.

(Eve) #80

Scoot? That Singapore owned airline? I’ve flown with them once and it wasn’t… great. They’ve got really competitive rates with good last-minute prices, but I’ve found them worse than budget airlines in the UK/EU.

My experience with EasyJet has been a lot better. Bar that one time I accidentally booked my return ticket a month late and counter staff floundered about trying to help me book a replacement flight :joy: it was an expensive lesson… and I nearly missed my flight even though I got there three hours early! Queues to get through security in Amsterdam were the worst I’ve ever seen in an airport