Does Monzo have an R&D team?

I’m quit interested to see what Monzo’s R&D team are working on.
Any new cool stuff? even if it will never be available, I’d like to see what they are playing with.
Also what about the integration with Google Home and Alexa?

Wonder if they’ve got a

to play with?

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Maybe the software?

I so want one of these.

A Fitbit perhaps. Starling runs nicely on the latest model


Would be nice to see all the physical gadgets and devices they currently have.

And the drawers full of Apple connector cables where each model has a different connection port :wink:


Hmm, at this point in their lifespan I’d almost still class everything Monzo develops as R&D :wink:

…or is the idea of an R&D team a ‘legacy’ one in it’s own right…?

It’s a little known fact that monzo actually have no developers at all. They have one elite hacker who logs into the Starling git every night and steals the code. Then a bunch of fiverr contractors spend weeks removing the starling colour scheme and replacing it with monzo colours.

You heard it here first.


So we should expect FitbitPay soon then?


I’ll let an engineer answer any specifics but generally, we don’t have an “R&D team”.

I’d say that Partnerships have the most R&D-style work going on right now though. Here are two examples of areas they have been exploring recently with our designers. Both may or may not ship any time soon, but are still directions that are being considered. :slightly_smiling_face:


We can always rely on RichardR for a robust response. Thanks


I was more thinking like, is anyone in Monzo working on how I can ask Alexa or Google Assistant these questions and get a proper response:

  • What is my balance?
  • How much do I have in the holidays pot?
  • How much did I spend on groceries this month?

Also is there any ideas going round the Monzo office the could revolutionise banking as we know it :stuck_out_tongue:

There are open-source projects that allow to do that already (I’m running my slightly modified version on my Echo) - I think they have yet to release something official as the API is not yet final and could see changes regarding PSD2.


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