“Do not trade in crypto” message

Well, XRP is designed for Banking systems :grin::credit_card:
But yes, you never know :thinking:

Can we please be sure not let this topic turn into another “is xxx coin a good thing” debate please :slight_smile: As sort of said above, we know where that can head and there is value in this topic staying open

On topic for the topic would be how this restriction is communicated and to whom

XRP is a bit of a joke coin at this stage :sweat_smile:

Monero would get my vote


Where do fish keep their money?

In a river bank.


How do trees get their banked money?

From a nearby branch.


I now own one bit coin.




HODL until its value will go to the moooon :joy:

Interesting addition to IFTTT, especially the 4th example applet.

Must give it a try, except maybe rename it to ‘auto-close Monzo account’


Looks interesting, but it says “Pro users” :thinking:

My cryptocurrency assets are placed at a few platforms, mainly BitPanda. Coinbase is not much in use by me lately :neutral_face:

You don’t have to be a pro-IFTTT user to use the basic linking of external services - assuming you have some of the 4 available free applets to use.