Direct Debits & Standing Orders (recurring payments) Feedback


It’s all happening…



(Nick Taylor) #187

Really liking the preview for retrying direct debits :heart_eyes:

(Aleksander) #188

Probably already somewhere up there :point_up_2: but…

Would be a good idea do have :monzo: push a notification :postal_horn:if it knows that their is a DD and that you might insufficient funds. :chart_with_downwards_trend:

E.g. my Council Tax​:money_with_wings: is always the same amount per month. The day before the CT DD was due I forgot to top up and the DD failed. On that occasion the day before :monzo: coule push a notification saying ‘A Direct Debit is usually taken on that date for the amount of XX. You might have insufficient funds.’

(Jack) #189

It already does this :raised_hands: , well it has for me previously anyway…

(Aleksander) #190

Hmm :thinking:
It didn’t to that for me… worth investing?


Not sure what the cut off time is for it. If you spend at 8pm and leave yourself without the money to cover the DD it’s too late. If you go into the day before (or Friday if it’s going to be taken on Monday) with insufficient money you get a notification


Was it the first time for this direct debit via monzo ?

(Aleksander) #193

Answering your question @Dannytc it would have been the 3rd direct debit. Maybe it didn’t work because the 1st & 2nd DD were for different amounts (by £3ish) but it is/was marked as a ‘Repeating payment’. :face_with_monocle:

It is a shame that there is a cut off time @Rat_au_van . Maybe :monzo: could get rid of such a cut off, I don’t see a reason why there would need to be a time for one. Anyways I was under the amount needed for the DD for a few days prior to the unsuccessful DD.

(Jack) #194

Direct Debit retry is now here!

(Sean Le vegan) #195

I like the idea of a DD Pot. That would be amazing. Can we really do this?