Direct Debit cashback offers

Loving Monzo at the moment and tempted to move all of my DD’s from me & my wife’s joint account over from Natwest, however their cashback offer on every DD is too appealing to go ‘full Monzo’. Hopefully this is something you consider as you grow?

There are plenty of topics revolving around cashback. Have a search, jump in to share your thoughts, and give it a vote.

Monzo are trialing Monzo Points too, which is coming to an end soon meaning that it could be launched in the near future. Perhaps this is also of interest? :sunglasses:

There may be other general threads on cashback, but as far as I can tell the only other dedicated thread about direct debit cashback was in 2017 and is closed to new replies.

This is the cashback one, it’s not locked and is marked as :soon: too.

It’s not every DD.

You’ll automatically earn Rewards on the following bills as long as you pay them by Direct Debit; Council Tax, water, gas, electricity, mobile, landline TV package and broadband.

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The OP can comment but I don’t think that thread - which is mainly or entirely about cashback from shopping - really captures what they are interested in.

Cashback on direct debits is usually related to household bill payments and is a distinct form of enticement. Someone might want to vote for direct debit cashback and not care about cashback on shopping, or vice versa.

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Where are the funds to pay these coming from? Is it the DD fees the merchants pay, or is this a CRM cost bourne by the account holders bank, therefore indirectly paid by lower interest rates?

I am somewhat against points / cash-back as the costs are indirectly paid by the end customer. However in the end I do see some benefit as these can spread costs such as purchase protection.

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In the case of direct debit cashback I suspect it serves as a loss leader for the banks who offer it.


In the case of NatWest they pay it. The cost is £2 for the basic rewards, and so if you have about £300-400 of core council/utility bills it means you get about £4-£6 for free after that’s deducted.

I have one and get paid about a fiver each month and the other advantages its Visa to cover MasterCard issues, and it reports to all three credit reports unlike Monzo who only does the cheapy TransUnion / Credit Karma which isn’t used for higher loans/mortgages. One other nice thing is the NatWest has app ATM withdrawals too. I also like it can act as salary and DDs/recurring card payments only, and Monzo are purely left with monthly spend by transferring over a fixed amount each month to live on.

I also have Starling which gets me out of trouble when Monzo has issues, and also helps provide short term goals and longer emergency tied to Marcus.

NatWest/Starling/Monzo seems to be a decent combo atm.

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Agreed. NatWest is literally free money at the moment.

Throw AMEX or Tandem in aswell and there’s a little more free money.

Surprised people aren’t talking about Barclays. As long as you have 2 direct debits (£1 each suffices) and put £500/m in, you get £7/m and pay a fee of £4, so that’s £3 of actual free money (not cashback) per month.

If you switch to them, the £7/m doubles and you can get it higher if you have other products with them.