Delete International Payees

Does anyone know how to delete existing saved international payees? I have 2 saved through Monzo / Wise but cannot delete them. My family members have changed banks and I want to send them money to their new accounts without confusing them with their old details. There is nowhere in the app to do this. I have been passed to 3 specialist who can’t tell me how to do it and I do not have an active / never had a Wise account to make the changes if that is even possible.
Any ideas ?

Last time I made international transfers was summer 2021 (was testing this :monzo: + W service).

Can not find any IBANs I used last year on :monzo: app :grimacing:

Took a quick look and noticed that :monzo: is directing me to login/create Wise account, with no other options :face_with_raised_eyebrow::unamused:

I’ve never sent an international payment so can’t be much help here but if you head to payments, then tap payees in top right corner can you not find and remove/update them there?

Hi Carl,
That option is not there
It would make it simple if the payee appeared like other payees but that isn’t available

Posting again as the current marked ‘solution’ is not a solution and my answer was deleted for some reason…

  1. go to
  2. reset your password - Monzo creates a Wise account on your behalf using your Monzo email address
  3. log in to wise
  4. go to the recipients section
  5. and finally, delete the recipient

This is unfortunately the only solution at the time of writing. I’ve made a suggestion in this post to fix it - Wise International Paymets - Recipients