Deal or No Deal?

With the big vote in the Commons coming up soon, what do you think, will they vote for the deal?

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I hate Noel Edmonds

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I actually think no vote will take place on it as Letwin will win his amendment and the government will walk away from the vote until next week.

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And you were right!

I’ll be honest, I’m past caring about this.

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Same, until there’s a General Election and the remainer MP’s are out of parliament then this will just go around in circles forever.

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Or the leave MPs


Brexit will be cancelled, as their will an extension then a 2nd ref after a GE

The way I feel, the best option was remain. Given that the referendum vote was so close, I thought that May’s deal was a reasonable compromise. I think Johnson’s deal is a potential disaster.

But none of it is in my hands, so que sera, sera.

Frankly, I do not see the point of the Referendum in 2016.

To me, it’s like, “Oh, we lost. Best of 3?”

And so it will continue for ever and a day.

Like many people now, I suspect, I’m past caring.

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There’s no guarantee that even a general election will resolve anything. The parties can manipulate candidate lists all they like if that’s their desire but voters appear to me to be more EU status driven than party loyalty driven at the moment.

It will be interesting to see what lines they vote on when the time comes.

A properly defined and scoped referendum or at least a proper acknowledgement of the result (i.e. staggeringly close and not at all decisive) would have saved so much conflict and heartache.

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A referendum will not solve anything either. Do you really think Leavers will go ‘okay, fair enough’ if they lost? Remain has changed from accepting the 2016 result to vigorously opposing it. A general election will at least get a better composition of the parties (Conservative more leave and Libs/Lab more remain) to go in a direction.

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Oh no, I’m talking wishful thinking about the way the last one was set up, not another one!

The ref would need a clear distance say 75%

But with them taking no deal out it’s pointless even doing a deal just revoke it :joy:

Funnily enough, leavers did acknowledge this just before the referendum when they created a petition to say that if the result was close enough, there should be another one.

Amazingly, they changed their minds sharpish when it turned out the result was close the other way. :man_facepalming:


I just want the opportunity to vote on the set of outcomes we are facing.

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Apparently this is what the 2nd ref will be if done, a vote on BJ deal or revoke article 50

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