Days abroad

Currently Monzo works out your time abroad by working out the difference between the first day you spend abroad and the first day you spend when you’re home. Which whilst it doesn’t make a huge amount of difference it does slightly bug me that it thinks the dates I was away are completely wrong. Not sure if the alternative way or whether simply adding a manual override option world fix this.

For your feed, though, why does it matter? Either your spending was abroad, or it wasn’t?

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But the dates that it thinks I was abroad are still wrong. What’s the point in displaying it if it’s going to be wrong anyway?

If you’re saying it still thinks you’re on holiday when you’ve started spending back in the, can you change the category from those transactions from ‘Holiday’ to something else?

No it’s not the category, it’s the duration that it thinks I’m abroad when I haven’t spend for the day I come back

You still haven’t said why it matters. What material difference does it make?

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