Customer-Centric Businesses

(Max Walker) #1

So Monzo is obviously very customer-centric (i.e. involving customers at every level, for example by having this forum) and it got me thinking, outside of banking what kind of other companies have similar approaches?

My first thought was giffgaff, it has no shops, it relies heavily on forums and its customers to make suggestions and solve problems but noticing the big bin of giffgaff sims in poundland earlier I can’t quite help feeling it may have slipped slightly in its creativity recently.

So my question is this, can you lovely forum users think of any similarly structured companies and what mistakes have they made/what have they done well and how could Monzo learn from these?



I wouldn’t consider Giffgaff as customer-centric, they don’t innovate and rely on O2’s awful legacy tech stack…

(Hugh) #3

I honestly can’t think of one…

In terms of social media creativity, big thumbs up to VTEC for their use of GIFs :joy::joy: