Curl feedback

Hi all! Anyone used Curl yet? I thought I’d seen the future of payments, but it suffered a bit of a lapse when I walked into Chaadao (near Monzo), paused while they acknowledged me, and then…nothing!

It is meant to tell them you’re there, and then tell them what you ordered last time, and whether you are entitled to a free one, all without you taking your phone out of your pocket. Sadly they’d closed the app on their iPad…ah well.

Also a shame is the fact that all payments show up in Monzo as Curl rather than the actual retailer, which is a shame for categories…

Finally, and most painfully…it’s not great coffee :cold_sweat:

Hi Will,

I’m terribly sorry that you’ve not had a good experience at Chaadao. 5 minutes before our closing time, we tend to put all of our devices on charge, so they’re ready in the morning. Unfortunately, when you came in at 17:55, we had turned off one of our iPads, which is why we were unable to recognise you in person that you’re using Curl.

At the time, the staff whom have served you was very new and wanted to ensure he was using Curl correctly, hence why he asked you a couple of questions to ensure your payment came through. Sometimes your username might not display on top of the list with Curl, we might have to search for you using the useful search system.

We’ve also noticed your handsfree was not turned on, which is one of the reasons why we’ve suggested to you to turn the feature on manually before you can make the handsfree payment.

Also, we’d like to apologise for our coffee not meeting your preference. Our coffee is single origin from Columbia, grown and made by women producers. This is something our company work very hard to support, so that farmers are paid fairly and able to continue to grow amazing tea and coffee.

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Sounds like such a hassle to get a simple cup of coffee and the last paragraph of that response is golden :rofl:

It basically says: Sorry you don’t like our coffee, it’s made by women. :man_shrugging: