Crowdfunding for US?

Are there any ideas to Crowfund for Monzo so more can be done in the US?

As a smaller UK Monzo investor, I’m looking to have more shares in Monzo so would like anyway possible!

I wouldn’t imagine it would be for that sole benefit.

Think they raised about 85million for US for YCombinator I’d be amazed if the small team has got through that already with a copy and paste app.

This is the latest, whether SoftBank would be interested in portioning off part of the raise for the crowd remains to be seen.

With shares most probably being north of £15 a pop, the administration involved for the copious amounts of (likely) single stock owners might make the raise too expensive.

But that’s my take, there isn’t any news on the official channels.

£13.0194 according to Monzo’s recent email to investors

Yeah but only because there hasn’t been a more recent funding round to kick off a new valuation.