Credit Karma glitch exposed users to other people’s accounts


great, another day - another round of issues

What a shit show :see_no_evil:

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Is this the service monzo are using as part of their soft credit check for loans?


Happy days… I think I just have to come to terms that my data is everywhere and there’s naff all I can do about it…

I’m going to live in the woods… bye :wave::rofl:

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I’ll take all your electrical items such as iPads, laptops TV’s etc then :joy_cat:

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Don’t worry, you are safe under GDPR :+1:

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I assume you’re being sarcastic? :rofl: :wink:

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Is it possible to opt-out of having our data handed over to these CRAs? The three of them seem utterly awful.

Be nice if they paid me a cut of the fine :stuck_out_tongue: now there’s an idea…

Class action lawsuit, get them monies

0.0000001p per person :money_mouth_face:

Let’s contact Hayes Conner :joy:


Is this why I haven’t been able to log in over the past few days?

Best response :rofl:

Credit Karma spokesperson Emily Donohue denied there was a data breach, but when asked would not say how many customers were affected.

“What our members experienced this morning was a technical malfunction that has now been fixed. There is no evidence of a data breach,” the statement said.

Several screenshots seen by TechCrunch show other people’s accounts, including details about their credit card accounts and their current balance.

Another user who was affected said they could read another person’s Credit Factors — including derogatory credit marks

If it walks like a data breach, and quacks like a data breach, then under GDPR they should probably treat it as a data breach.