Control all subscriptions

Good evening!

Could you please advise me some service to control all my subscriptions (including direct debits in different banks and all my recurring payments from my different cards)?

Thank you in advance!

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Best thing to do would be to move them all to Monzo :slight_smile:
That would give you the best control.
After that I’d recommend this:


Thank you for the link.

Unfortunately, its not convenient for me to move them all to Monzo, some of my cards and DDs have any extra benefits :wink:

In that case, Emma (as Jack mentioned above) would be a good option for you.

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Definitely give Emma a try. It’s a lovely app. Hopefully it plus into everything you need. There’s a good Emma thread on this community if you do a search for Emma, the founder is very active in it

Totally agree Emma is a great app, always upgrading features and is pretty smart - I like it