Competitor update

(Josh Bray) #43

Well… About that … Their IT systems are still provided by LBG.

(Adam) #44

Ah… Know there was a recent ish online update which changed the look away from LBG. Just assumed (incorrectly :disappointed:) they moved away.

(Josh Bray) #45

There isn’t a lot I can say but their new owners are keen to move away from the LBG based systems. :relieved:

(Adam) #46

I can understand their keen to move away if LBG think its okay to use the Halifax blue against that orange and purple… That designer must be colour blind :mask:

(Richard Müller, Consultant) #47

If you saw Banco Sabadell (TSB owner) own website it not anything like the quality of the website TSB have…looks like designer was not only colour blind but still in primary school

(Peter ) #48

It’s a very fair point - creating a culture and an infrastructure that is hugely adaptable and quick to implement changes will be such a refreshing change to typical banking experiences.

But then again, I’d hope that’s why we’re all here!

(Josh Bray) #49

Who doesn’t love the Halifax blue. I love it. But back to tsb , they just give LBG a colour scheme and they apply it.

(Richard Müller, Consultant) #50

App news.

Monese now have both Android and Apple apps.

Fidor still have no proper banking app. A balance checker app for iOS that has not been updated, and no sign even of a beta Android app.

The Atom Android beta users have been getting emails thru with codes to activate their apps. First come first served basis, so longstanding applicants got them first but others still waiting.

(Richard Müller, Consultant) #51

Card colours.

We have a topic about Monzo card colour so it is interesting to see changes elsewhere.

Monese used to have a bright light blue colour of distinctive shade but have changed it to some dark navy or burgundy sort of colour to look more serious so now it looks like any other bank’s card.

Lets hope Monzo keep coral IMHO

(Richard Müller, Consultant) #52

Android Pay has been available in the UK for around four months now, but some major banks have been lacking support. That’s changed today though, as NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland, Ulster Bank and Santander customers are now all able to make use of Google’s contactless payment system.

(Richard Raybould) #53

Fantastic to hear of more banks making tokenised payments available to their customers on both major mobile platforms.

(Alex Sherwood) #54

FT - Atom Bank attracts early interest from mobile customers


Digital lender signs up 40,000 potential customers of which just 2,000 have opened accounts

(Leigh Garland) #55

What an absolute dogs dinner the Atom app is - at least on Android. I’ve had a look through the demo account, and it’s almost unusable. I appreciate they’re trying to differentiate themselves from conventional banking, but it strikes me that a gimmicky interface probably isn’t going to win them many plaudits.

The performance is poor - but more importantly, the UI concepts are awful. With a new interface, you have to give the user a lot of clues around how to navigate, but everything’s a mystery until you click. Even then, there are some things that don’t respond unless you swipe or flick them. It has all the hallmarks of a design where someone senior has been saying ‘MAKE IT MORE DIFFERENT, WE’RE DIFFERENT’.

Finally - they keep on going on about biometric security. That’s all well and good, but it’s still hackable, but even if you find out you’ve been hacked, you can’t change your face. I’ll stick with a PIN for now.

PIN Protection on the app
(Richard Müller, Consultant) #56

and if the lighting poor the biometrics has problems with people successfully using facial recognition during the day but not in the evening

(Richard Raybould) #57

Reasons like this are why Windows Hello requires an IR and/or depth sensing camera (usually based on Intel RealSense) to work. Same with Kinect on Xbox One.

There are just too many ways to fool any software working with a basic visible light 2D image or video feed. You need that extra data to make a better judgement both to prevent false positives and false negatives.

To me, the facial biometric security just isn’t there. I personally consider anything less than Windows Hello to be completely useless security theatre. Same for all voice login systems. You can use both combined to do one-time identity verifications and comparisons between something like a passport or driving license picture but not for app login or real security needs.

(james_e_bell) #58

Curve adding rewards cards today.

Personally I remain against Curve given their business model is based upon ability to increase fees to the merchant (by converting whatever your card fee is into a higher mastercard business interchange fee that the merchant has to pay). From Curve’s own terms you can only use it for business expenses ". You agree that your Curve Account is a Business Account. The Curve Card
attached to your Account is a ‘Commercial Card’ as defined by the EU
Multilateral Interchange Fee Regulation therefore its use by you must be
limited to business expenses. " however they dont market it that way anywhere else!

Anyway, regardless of my views on their business model, its still interesting to see what competitive products are doing out there - Curve now has a consumer proposition of “maintain your original reward points plus earn new reward points” which is pretty interesting from a consumer point of view (presuming the go against the terms of use and use it for personal spending)

(Richard Müller, Consultant) #59

Agree with James’s points about the business use being in terms but lacking from promotions for Curve

(Barbara) #60

Finally got the chance to try Atom, initially took me at least four tries to get the activation code to work. Finally an elongated signup process, I must say I do like the saving account functionality.

The security, measures seems to be much over the top, with both voice and facial recognition coupled with passcode :thinking: I don’t really see the need for all three.

iPhone Atom user.

(Richard Müller, Consultant) #61

While Atom take a passcode, facial recognition and voice recognition when you sign up they don’t make you use all three to sign in or do a transaction you normally do just one and normally have the choice of which of these you pick. If however you are having trouble using one of them it may make you use another one just to be sure it is you, for example facial recognition failing in low light in the evening so having to switch to voice or passcode


I got me registration code for Atom yesterday, so I installed it to see what the fuss is about.
It didn’t stay on my phone for more than 5 minutes…
First of all the product itself is not that attractive. I’m not sure if starting with a savings account is the best approach to attaract clients.
And then the app itself… although it is very fluid, the user experience is not very friendly and I think that facial and voice recognition look cool, but are more of a gimmik.

I quit keen to see how the Starling app will look like.